Puppy Birthday Party Brisbane

When your puppy turns one and you are a portrait photographer, what do you do?
You set up a fun puppy birthday party photo shoot !!
Little miss Molly is a German Spitz and has been with us since she was a 12 week old puppy. She is an absolute delight and loves her walks, doggie daycare at WoofsnWags and chasing our burmilla cat 😉

I am thrilled with the results. The cake was made by the Cheesecake Shop . Most of the decorations from Kmart and discount stores. Cake toppers made by RPDesigns.
Puppy wrangling was done by my very patient Mum with lots of dog treats on hand.

Birthday parties for dogs in Brisbane are becoming more and more popular. You can buy dog cakes especially for dogs, dog themed cupcakes and all sorts of decorations.

I’m really glad I have these gorgeous photos to remember Molly’s first birthday. For your Corporate Headshots or puppy birthday party photos shoots 😉 contact Hayley the Headshots Pro in Brisbane to discuss your requirements.

You can also follow Molly’s adventures on Instagram @molly_pretty_in_pink

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