Personal Branding – Your Professional Image

I like Sarah’s style. 

This is our third photography session together over the last few years in Brisbane.

Sara mixes self-created images and video content with professional images on her socials.  It keeps her Social Media feeds very interesting.

“Hi Hayley, I’m ready for some new images.  I am moving into different areas with my business.  I’d like our location to be Scarborough beach please”.

“Sure Sarah.  That’s a great location.  I feel a sunrise shoot would look amazing for the images you require”.

Wait!!  What was I thinking !!!! I Must be Crazy !!!

It was a 2am wake up call to be on the beach at Scarborough by 3.50am.  For the best photos, we needed to catch the first light of the breaking dawn. This is what I saw when I arrived at the beach with my gear 🙂

Well, the early start was certainly worth it.  Check out the Amazing images I was able to create for Sarah.. The sunrise did not disappoint. It was glorious.

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Brisbane, Logan or Gold Coast areas to create eye catching images for your web site and social media, please give me a call.

Sarah now has a new library of branding photographs and some video she can draw from when creating her new website and social media posts.  

Scarborough beach on the Redcliffe peninsula was a fabulous location for the variety of images Sarah had in mind.  It was important to incorporate the water, sand, trees and sunshine to create feelings of peace, harmony and calm within the beauty of mother nature.

If you would like to arrange a sunrise shoot, ummmm, don’t call me.  Hahahaha!!!  

No, it’s fine.  I eventually recovered.  I’m happy to arrange sunrise shoots.  Especially when the images look so amazing.

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If you would like to contact Sarah about her services or to order one of her books, Mind The Gut and Surviving Prostate Cancer, you can find her