New self portrait for Brisbane professional headshot photographer

Do I really need a new professional portrait?
I asked myself after recently celebrating my 50th Birthday.
Can’t I keep the one I have from 5 years ago? I like it. I’m younger in that photo and I preferred my long hair (not the looking after it, but it looks nice in the photo).

There would be nothing wrong with keeping this old photo on my website, LinkedIn profile and business card, but it’s not me any longer. I’m older, my face has changed, my cheeks are fuller, my hair is shorter, I have different glasses. Not only those visual things have changed. I am much wiser. I have gained a tremendous amount of experience professionally and personally.

As we all travel through life, we experience the good, the bad, the ugly and some things that may leave us forever grateful and some forever traumatised. I’ve heard people say that life begins at 50. It’s just a saying, but I do have the feeling of a new start, a refresh and a new, different kind of energy.

I decided that I would create a new self portrait of the person I am today. The new photo is the new me and I like it.

It didn’t take one shot. I took a variation of shots with different outfits and expressions. Glasses on, glasses off, lean this way, head tilt etc. Exactly the way I work with my clients. it was actually a fun experiment, all possible via a tripod, four lights, background on a stand, a remote control to fire my camera and funnily enough, a puppy sleeping at my feet.

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